Nevelsfjorden at Kjerring√ły, Norway

Type: Land Art
Role: Architect/Artist [in partnership]

Team: Don Lawrence, Tanja Thorjussen

Interface (Eng.) [n. in-ter-feys; v. in-ter-feys, in-ter-feys] noun
A surface regarded as the common boundary of two bodies, spaces, or phases. A thing or circumstance that enables separate and sometimes incompatible elements to coordinate effectively

The project is situated in the liminal area in which high and low tide interact. In low tide Tidal Interface (the circular stone structure) becomes a place where people can sit and interact with each other or with the spectacular nature. At high tide it is covered by water and inhabited by aquatic creatures. The structure can thus be understood as an interface beloinging to the inhabitants of both land and sea.

Marsh Interface (a circular incision into the marshes) was created with the intention of subtracting and opening up rather than adding and building in space. Both circles are equal in dimensions: Their function and non-functionality discusses the relationship between art and architecture.